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How this website is getting 350k+ users & how I would automate it

Everyone is talking about automation these days, Talking is one thing, and seeing that inaction is another. I have always been the type of person who learns from seeing the website in action and not just reading some "SEO tips" on google by some "woo-woo" SEO guru.

I was actually researching different niches to make a new website, and I found this one. In the near future, I'm most probably going to make a website in this niche and run it as a case study.

After seeing the traffic, you might be wondering that it's not even that much, but this much traffic from tier 1 countries can make you really RICH. Never underestimate anything before trying it.

Here's a look at their traffic from the last 3 months.

The users are pretty stable and there's a generic increase of around 4% when compared month on month.

The domain was registered in 2017 according to WHOIS data, which means that it has the potential to be done with a long-term vision.

All this was just to establish that there's scope in this particular niche. Now let's decipher their strategy.

The only thing I'm worried about from this niche is good engagement (look at their bounce rate), but this is estimated data as we do not have access to their analytical dashboard but I'd assume if these many people are searching for this topic, It has to get a good amount of engagement. At least good enough to monetize it well.

How much money can you make with this website though? If I were to calculate a minimal estimate, this is how I'd do it.

  • Pageviews = 400,000
  • CTR = 2% (Taking on the lower side because it's a content website)
  • Average CPC Considering demographic: $0.3

Estimated Earnings = Pageviews x CTR x CPC = 400k x 2% x $0.1 = $2400

If you put tech-like ezoic on top of this, you can easily double this amount, but for the sake of it, we are estimating the lower end.

The cost of running a website like this is peanuts compared to what you'll make (as it's a content website). So, it's pure margins.

Wondering what the website is? Here's the URL to the website:


How I would automate it?

In this section I'll vaguely define the strategy I would have personally used to automate this website from scratch. I will write another detailed post on the technicalities of it, But for now, I'll let you know the steps.

First of all, I'll try to figure out the total number of posts present on the website to get an idea of what we are playing with.

This is the page where all the pages are listed for this website, by checking the source code, I can see there are around 900 posts on this one.

I would write a script to get all the URLs to these pages and store them in a CSV file.

Now I'd go to multiple post pages of this website and look if the structure in different posts is similar to each other or not. If the structure is similar, then the site can be automated. After going through dozen of pages, I can say with confidence that this site can be automated.

This is the basic structure of every page:

  • Address and Contact: Logo, Address, Phone, Fax, Email, No. of employees, Established, Founder, Key People.
  • Location & Directions: Google maps embed.
  • Executive team: Name & Title.
  • History & Info: Description based.
  • Photos
  • Social Media handles.

Now that I know the basic structure of these pages, I would write a script to read URLs from the CSV we created earlier and scrape all these data points from the pages. This data will be stored in a different CSV file.

Now we have all the data from this website, Similarly, we can scrape multiple websites in this niche to make the biggest database and outcompete the competition.

Once we have all the data, We can mold and restructure it accordingly.

My target would be to create the most visually appealing website out there because all the sites in this niche are going to have mostly the same data.

We can exactly use most of the data points that we have collected, except "Description", because that is not structured and you may receive a DMCA strike for copying bluntly which may affect your rankings.

To solve this problem, You can use AI writing tools like Jarvis.ai, Wordhero etc. to generate unique descriptions for each company. These tools generally don't have an API, so you might consider hiring people and getting these descriptions ready in bulk.

With this step, we would have all the data and we can now move on to publishing this data on our website.

Setup a new domain and Install WordPress on it.  Typically I would use a basic theme with Elementor & Elementor Pro to design a custom look all by myself (It might be intimidating at first but it's really efficient "no-code" way of designing a new look)  

To insert all these data points that we have collected, I would use a plugin named Advanced custom field known as ACF, and make individual data columns for each.

Now I'd use REST API by WordPress to publish all these posts in bulk. The programming language that I mostly use is Python and it's been working quite well for me.

Then I would deploy a script to run daily that would lookout for new posts that are published on various websites around the same niche, if those are not published, The script would scrape the data and publish it on our own website. This creates consistency.

The steps are really simple, but when you're new to all this, it can be like some otherworldly things to you, but once you get the momentum it gets real easy real quick. So much so that I can easily finish this website from scratch in just one day.

I am going to make a website like this in the future, If you want me to share everything from scratch and make a case study out of it with all the codes and everything, Let me know on Instagram DMs @shukrant25, If quite some people are interested, I'd love to do it.

I'll also publish more technical knowledge on how to write the actual scripts to automate websites as soon as I have some spare time.